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Event DateApptEvent Name
10/2/2014   Story Time, Milk and Cookies
10/30/2014   DeKalb Park District: Co-Ed Badminton for Adults
11/1/2014   Amenti Haunted House
11/1/2014   Cooking For Kids Sake
11/4/2014   Snake Feeding
11/5/2014   King Tut Day
11/5/2014   Annual KC College Night: November 5, 2014
11/6/2014   Work Incentives Planning and Assistance
11/6/2014   Work Incentives Planning and Assistance
11/6/2014   November After Hours- Banner Up Signs Grand Opening
11/6/2014   Safari Sprouts Preschool Class
11/7/2014   2nd Annual Holiday Bazaar
11/7/2014   Forklift Operation and Train-the-Trainer class
11/8/2014   Feeding Frenzy: Thanksgiving Dissection
11/8/2014   Eye Candy Fall Frame Show
11/10/2014   Basic Computer Litearcy Class
11/10/2014   Basic Computer Litearcy Class
11/10/2014   DeKalb High School Career Fair
11/11/2014   Snake Feeding
11/13/2014   Safari Sprouts Preschool Class
11/13/2014   Raise Your Glass to Giving
11/13/2014   Kishwaukee United Way's Annual Taste of the Vine
11/13/2014   Successful Internships
11/13/2014   Successful Internships
11/14/2014   Entrepreneurial Kick Start
11/14/2014   Holiday Wine Tasting with local vendors. Hosted by Somonauk Junior Womens Club & Waterman Winery
11/14/2014   Entrepreneur Quick Start Counseling Session
11/15/2014   STEM Divas
11/18/2014   Snake Feeding
11/18/2014   STEM Café: The 3D Printing Revolution!
11/18/2014   Working with a Disability
11/18/2014   Working with a Disability
11/19/2014   Career Exploration
11/19/2014   NB&T Holiday Merchant After Hours
11/19/2014   Career Exploration
11/20/2014   Hollydays
11/20/2014   Safari Sprouts Preschool Class
11/20/2014   Conflict Resolution and Effective Communication Skills
11/21/2014   Rocky Horror Picture Show
11/21/2014   TOMA Marketing Group
11/22/2014   STEM Divas
11/24/2014   Administrative Professionals One - Day Conference
11/25/2014   Speaking and Thinking on Your Feet
11/25/2014   Snake Feeding
11/27/2014   Safari Sprouts Preschool Class
12/2/2014   Snake Feeding
12/2/2014   Winter Bash
12/4/2014   Santa Comes to Town
12/4/2014   Safari Sprouts Preschool Class
12/6/2014   Computer Programming with Scratch
12/6/2014   Carriage Rides & Visits With Santa
12/9/2014   Snake Feeding
12/11/2014   Safari Sprouts Preschool Class
12/13/2014   Computer Programming with Scratch
12/13/2014   Holiday Party
12/13/2014   Feeding Frenzy
12/13/2014   Carriage Rides & Visits With Santa
12/16/2014   Snake Feeding
12/18/2014   Safari Sprouts Preschool Class
12/18/2014   10 Hour OSHA General Industry training
12/18/2014   Girls Night Out - 'Twas The Week Before Christmas
12/20/2014   Carriage Rides & Visits With Santa
12/20/2014   Lightwire Theater: A Very Electric Christmas
12/23/2014   Snake Feeding
12/25/2014   Safari Sprouts Preschool Class
12/30/2014   Snake Feeding
1/8/2015   Think Like Einstein: Creative Thinking and Innovation
1/17/2015   LEGO Robotics Engineering Challenge I


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