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Event DateApptEvent Name
6/26/2017   DeKalb Area Toastmasters meeting
6/28/2017   The FAQs of Autism for Parents & Caregivers
6/29/2017   The Little Mermaid Visits the Library
6/29/2017   DeKalb Farmers' Market
7/6/2017   DeKalb Farmers' Market
7/10/2017   DeKalb Area Toastmasters meeting
7/11/2017   Drones 101: Beginner Class
7/11/2017   Free Quickbooks 101
7/12/2017   Augmented Optics: Micro-Measuring to Make Awesome Technologies Possible
7/13/2017   Drones 102: Advanced Class
7/13/2017   Referral Group
7/13/2017   DeKalb Farmers' Market
7/16/2017   Biking with Beanzie
7/18/2017   Drones 101:Beginner Class
7/18/2017   July Business After Hours Friedrichs Eye
7/20/2017   Crazy Bugs!
7/20/2017   Drones 102: Advanced Class
7/20/2017   DeKalb Farmers' Market
7/21/2017   12th Annual 'Let's Dance' Big Band Weekend
7/24/2017   First Baptist Church of DeKalb Day Camp 2017
7/24/2017   DeKalb Area Toastmasters meeting
7/25/2017   Family Fun Fest
7/27/2017   Referral Group
7/27/2017   DeKalb Farmers' Market
8/3/2017   DeKalb Farmers' Market
8/10/2017   DeKalb Farmers' Market
8/10/2017   Referral Group
8/12/2017   DeKalb County Barn Tour 2017
8/12/2017   Barn Tour of DeKalb County IL
8/14/2017   DeKalb Area Toastmasters meeting
8/17/2017   DeKalb Farmers' Market
8/18/2017   20th Annual Lincoln Highway Heritage Festival
8/24/2017   DeKalb Farmers' Market
8/24/2017   Referral Group
8/28/2017   DeKalb Area Toastmasters meeting
8/31/2017   DeKalb Farmers' Market
9/7/2017   DeKalb Farmers' Market


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"To serve and advance business interests of the Greater DeKalb Region"
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